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McKeown Sports Massage

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For this project, we designed a modern and attractive brand identity that suited the client's vision and goals. We also built a one-page website that featured custom photography of the client's work and an online booking system that simplified the customer journey. The website was responsive and user-friendly, and showcased the client's services and testimonials.

  • Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Booking System
  • Photography

Project Highlights

See below some specific highlights of this project. 

The landing page of the website clearly shows what the business offers with a professional and practical photography. We added bold text to communicate the mission of the business effectively. We also added a call to action button that encourages customers to use the booking system.

We created a virtual gift card that allowed for promotional offers and deals throughout seasonal times of the year. 

Our client needed the best online booking system for their business. We researched various options and found that Fresha was the most suitable one. Fresha enabled our client to manage their bookings efficiently and enhanced the booking experience for their customers.

Words from our client

“It’s bringing in the majority of my appointments lately so I’m very happy with it!”.

McKeown Sports Massage

Founder of McKeown Sports Massage
A woman giving a sports massage

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